A book about complete pet care for box turtles cannot be written by one person. There are so many aspects of feeding, housing, and health, that one person can’t possibly learn everything there is to know about proper care of reptiles. For this reason, the insights and research of many people dedicated to the welfare of box turtles have gone into the making of this care book.

I especially would like to thank Melissa Kaplan who maintains the website  for all her help. She has provided a wealth of information to herp keepers all around the world with her well-researched articles and care sheets on reptile husbandry. Much of the information in the diet section is from her articles.

I want to thank Paula Morris for her support and help. Without her encouragment, suggestions, and devotion to turtles, I would not have been able to write this online book. She is a true friend to turtles, tortoises and to me. I would like to express my gratitude to Leslie Sturges for editing and proofreading the manuscript. I also want to thank Jeff Dawson for making the title graphic for my website. I am greatly indebted to my friends Darrell Senneke of the World Chelonian Trust and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), Jill, Marianne, Teri and others who have allowed me to use pictures of their box turtles. Without their generosity this online book and my web pages would be sorely lacking visual impact.

Lastly, I thank my husband, Jeff Cook, for the many times he’s had to wait for his own dinner while I fed and watered my turtles. He's built many outdoor pens for my box turtles and has done his own fair share of the feeding and watering. Without his support and love, I would not be able to keep and help box turtles.

Tess Cook

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