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This web page contains pictures of box turtles from members of the Box Turtle Discussion List. All pictures are owned by the photographers, and may not be used by other people.
See more box turtles in the other gallery rooms and note the different coloring and expressions of individuals.

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Gallery of Turtle Baby Pictures

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This is Nancy's male turtle, Boxer.

This is Sandy Minshull's male Three-toed, Boo.

This is our newest picture--Mark B.'s Ornate box turtle.

This is Lorena's Three-toed box turtle, Tuga.

Michael is justly proud of his herd of box turtles.

Tiki, Nancy Smith's female Three-toed box turtle.

Bumper, the 8 inch male Gulf Coast box turtle owned by Sharon Scheel.

Nutmeg, Three-toed male owned by Kristen Kristek.

Violet, Three-toed female owned by Kristen Kristek.

Toby, a young Three-toed. Allison Gong's turtle.

Linda Tamagni's hybrid Ornate / Three-toed box turtle.

Only 5 cents for this huge strawberry?! Hey, since when did I need a leg up to drink?
A few of Paula Morris' box turtles.

Melissa Gray's colorful young Eastern box turtle, Ruffian.

Jeff Dawson's Eastern box turtle.

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