Box Turtle Care

Light, Temperature and Humidity for Box Turtles

In contrast to humans, box turtles and other reptiles can’t regulate their own body temperature. When the temperature around them falls, their body temperature also falls, causing the box turtle to move slower, stop eating and eventually go into hibernation. if expsed to lower temperature for a longer time. Once the surrounding temperature rises, the […]

From Egg to Baby Box Turtle – Breeding Tips and Tricks

Did you discover newly laid box turtle eggs by one pet turtles? Are you wondering how to take care of your baby box turtle? You are in the right place. This post provides a full overview of everything you need to know about box turtle breeding and how to take care of box turtle babies. […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build an Indoor and Outdoor Box Turtle Habitat

Before you get a box turtle, it is time to set up a beautiful housing for your turtle. The several species of box turtles commonly kept as pets live in different kinds of natural habitats. Depending on the box turtle’s natural habitat, it can live in different setups when kep as a pet. This post […]

Box Turtle Hibernation – Tips and Tricks

Most box turtles live in geographic areas that require them to hibernate for three to four months of the year. During this time, food is scarce and outside temperatures are so low that box turtles cannot raise their body temperature high enough to maintain normal activity. Hibernation allows the box turtle to live until better […]

Want to buy a box turtle? Here is everything you need to know

There are many things to consider when you decide to get a new pet box turtle. Where can you buy a box turtle? How to select a suitable and healthy box turtle? And what do you have to keep in mind when you bring your new box turtle home for the first time? This post […]

Box Turtle Health Care and Common Diseases

This page provides an overview of common illnesses and medical issues that can affect your box turtle. We’ve broken down the list into two categories. Box turtle diseases you can take care of yourself including tips and box turtle illnesses that require a veterinarian. Generally, if you keep your box turtle in a clean and […]

Box Turtle Conservation Story – Box Turtles Given a New Home

The Katy Wildlife Habitat on the Katy Prairie in Texas received another lost native son with the recent release of displaced, wild box turtles into the wildlife preserve. Debbie Figueras, coordinator of the repopulation project, supervised the repatriation of the box turtles back into the area. Ms. Figueras says the Katy Wildlife Habitat Area has […]

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