Cute Pictures of Box Turtles

Since box turtles are such cute animals, we are dedicating this section of the website to pictures of box turtles.

If you have some great pictures of box turtles or of the living quarters of your turtle, it would be amazing if you could share them with us.

Do you have cute pictures of your box turtles? We would be happy to display them here. Just send them to our email address at

Baby Box Turtle Pictures

Since most animals are cutest when they are young, let’s start off with some baby box turtle pictures.

A tiny baby Eastern box turtle. Photo: Flickr

If you have baby box turtles yourself or if you are planning on breeding, make sure to read this post.

Box turtle hatchlings
Baby box turtles on hands
Baby Eastern box turtle
This one is a baby Three-toed box turtle
baby box turtle in the forest
A wild baby box turtle. Photo: Flickr
Three-toed baby box turtle
A cute Three-toed baby box turtle
Box turtle babies
Eastern box turtle hatchlings
Ornate Desert box turtle babies
Ornate Desert box turtle babies
Western ornate and Eastern box turtle baby
A Western ornate and an Eastern box turtle baby
baby box turtle
Isn’t that baby box turtle just the cutest? Photo: Flickr

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Pictures of box turtles

box turtle hiding in shell
An eastern box turtle hiding inside its shell
Eastern box turtle face
An Eastern box turtle
Western Ornate box turtle eating cantaloupe
A Western Ornate box turtle is enjoying a melon

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The cutest box turtle pictures on the internet. Box turtle photos and pictures.

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Endangered box turtles
A male box turtle
Box Turtle Glossary and technical terms cover image
An Eastern box tortoise
Male Western ornate box turtle
An Ornate box turtle in the wild. Photo: Peter Paplanus
Box turtle on train tracks
A dangerous walk over the railroad tracks

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Eastern box turtle
A cute eastern box turtle found in the forest

As stated above, we would be more than happy to get some more box turtle pictures for our gallery. If you would like to see your box turtle or your box turtle housing here, send us an email at

Cute Pictures of Box Turtles

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